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Powhatan County, Virginia arrest warrants are only issued when the magistrate can establish probable cause from the evidence brought before the tribunal by the cops. The affidavit submitted in court, which is prepared based on the proof gathered in the matter through the investigative process, marks the beginning of judicial proceedings.

The formal pre-warrant hearing will see the participation of the investigating officers who are there to answer any questions that the magistrate may have and offer clarification on the statements made in the writ. Of course, the sitting judge who hears the matter will play a pivotal role in the process, along with a deputy from the clerk of court’s office. This judicial officer is present to record the court dockets for the case.

This hearing is held with the sole purpose of determining probable cause from the evidence that has been presented before the judge. If the witnesses have to be called in for this, the judge may well order the police officers to do so. The arrest order that is thus released is known as a Powhatan county active warrant.

When such an order cannot be served for a certain period of time, it becomes pending, and it is then called an outstanding warrant. Initiating a warrant search in Powhatan County will get you information on all active and outstanding warrants as well as local arrest records. To get a search for detention orders done, you will have to go to:

  • The sheriff’s: PO Box 133, Powhatan, Virginia 23139
  • The magistrate’s: 3880 Old Buckingham Rd, Powhatan, VA 23139
  • The county clerk’s: 3872 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan, Virginia 23139


How do you get information on Powhatan County arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-update)

  • Details on recent arrests: Call the Powhatan County jail at 804-598-5650.
  • General inquiries and information: Call the Information line of the law enforcement agency at 804-598-5652.
  • Filing a non-emergency complaint: Call the non-emergency dispatch phone number- 804-598-5656.
  • Help and information for victims and witnesses: Contact the Victim/Witness Coordinator at 804-598-5699.
  • Judicial records and case search (misdemeanor): Call the Office of the District Clerk at 804-598-5665.
  • Judicial records and case search (Circuit Court): Get in touch with the Office of the Criminal Division Deputy Clerk at 804-598-5660.


Crime statistics for Powhatan County, Virginia

The last time the local law enforcement agency sent crime data to the FBI UCR was in 2016. At that time, the annual average of crime reports filed in Powhatan stood at around 240. Of these complaints, 225 were made against property crimes and 13 complaints were filed against violent crimes. Of all the crime subcategories, larceny-theft accounted for the maximum number of cases, at 180 complaints.

Powhatan County, VA, with an annual crime average of fewer than 300 incidents, is one of the state’s low crime areas. This is also reflected in the annual violent crime rate, which is found to be at less than 10 incidents. However, the growth of over 50% in this crime category may change the scenario in the future.

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