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One of the advantages of looking for information on Wise County, Virginiaarrest warrants through the sheriff’s office is that there is also a range of other details you can find about your subject and the crime situation in the area in general when you initiate your warrant search.

For example, while you look for the active warrants in the name of a person you know, wouldn’t you also like to find out about some of the most dangerous criminal minds who are suspected of operating from your neighborhood? Then, again, there are also several other benefits to seeking crime history information through the police.

Regardless of how old a case or an outstanding warrant from Wise County is, you will likely find information on it through the law enforcement agency. Similarly, when you aim your inquiry towards the judiciary, you can come back with a lot of information on the person who is of interest to you besides details of his involvement in nefarious acts.

Let us take the county clerk’s office next; this department holds the court dockets, which are essentially written records of court sessions. Through this agency, you can find not only information on criminal matters but also civil cases. To reach these agency offices along with the magistrate’s court, use the addresses given below.

  • The sheriff: 206 E Main St, Rm 123, PO Box 916, Wise, Virginia 24293-0916
  • The magistrate: 206 E Main St, Wise, VA 24293
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 1248, Wise, Virginia 24293


What information on Wise County arrests and warrants can you get over the phone? (2021-update)

  • Local Law Enforcement: Call the phone number- 276-328-3756 to know more about local criminal background checks.
  • Criminal Investigations: Call the agency at 276-328-3566 for criminal case details.
  • The Detention Center: Call the Duffield Facility of the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority at (276)690-9550 to know about recent arrests.
  • The Circuit Court Clerk: Get in touch with this office at 276-328-6111, for information on felony criminal records.
  • The District Court Clerk: Call 276-328-4486 for details of misdemeanor cases and for traffic cases.


Crime statistics for Wise County, Virginia

Over 300 criminal complaints were filed with the Wise County Sheriff’s Department in 2019, which indicated a notable deterioration in the law and order situation of the area. In 2018, the total annual crime average stood at a few over 250 incidents. The worrisome increase resulted from a rise of almost 50% in the rate of violent crimes and a spike of over 15% in property crimes.

In Wise County, VA, the rate of reported crime has steadily increased between 1999 and 2008. Through this interval, there was a growth of almost 50% in this crime category. In contrast, the number of violent criminal acts only rose by 5%. On the whole, every year, almost 950 complaints are filed against criminal occurrences in the area.

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