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With the crime rate of Franklin County peaking at over 500 incidents per year, you can never be too careful while forging personal and professional alliances. So, if you have not already made a habit of conducting a warrant search every time you have to take on a new worker, it is high time you do so.

In fact, crime experts and society watchers even suggest that you look for arrest records of personal acquaintances or at least of newfound friends and associates. The police and all legal entities seem to agree with this advice as they are more than willing to allow Franklin’s residents to conduct a third-party warrant search. If you would like to know about a possible active warrant against a person you have just been introduced to, going to the local courthouse or the sheriff’s office will get you all the information you need.

While the sheriff’s department of Franklin will have all data about outstanding warrants issued in the county, the magistrate’s court will be able to help you with details on arrest warrants in specific criminal and civil cases, including a record of all the judicial instruments issued in a matter.

To get in touch with the sheriff’s office, visit the office of the law enforcement agency at Virgil H Goode Building, 70 East Court Street, Suite 101, Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151.

Another justice department that keeps the court dockets is the office of the county clerk. This agency maintains records of civil and criminal court proceedings, so even when a warrant has not been issued, you can still find all other data about litigation with the office of the clerk of court. To visit the magistrate court and the office of the county clerk, go to 275 South Main Street, Rocky Mount, VA 24151.

Can you get information on Franklin County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-update)

  • To file a criminal report and to learn more about the warrant search procedure call the Sheriff’s Office on their non-emergency phone number- 540-483-3000.
  • To access criminal records (specific to a case and only for victims), call the Records Clerk at 540-483-3009.
  • To connect with the Detention Center, call 540-483-3000 for information on arrests and release on bond.
  • To connect with Adult Probation and Parole Department, call 540-483-0854
  • To reach victim’s services, call 540-483-3000 Ext. 2407.
  • To know more about felony cases and warrants, connect with the Circuit Court at 540-483-3075 or the Circuit Court Clerk at 540-483-3065.
  • To learn about the misdemeanor cases handled by the General District Court, call 540-483-3060.
  • To contact the JDR Court Service, call 540-483-3055.
  • To know about the outstanding warrants and civil processes issued by the Magistrate’s court, call 540-483-3076.

Crime statistics for Franklin County, Virginia

In 2018, the Franklin County Police tackled nearly 620 crimes. But, in 2019, this figure had dipped slightly to result in an annual crime average of 600 incidents. As far as specific crimes went, aggravated assault and rape were the most frequently occurring violent crimes while larceny-theft, which brought in almost 350 complaints in 2019, was the most commonly occurring property crime.

Of the 500 plus criminal complaints made in Franklin County, Virginia per annum, just about 30 occurrences are attributed to violent crime. So the yearly incident rate of homicide and sexual assault is really low at one murder reported biannually and no more than 5 cases of rape filed per annum. From 2001 to 2008, a growth of almost 70% has been seen in the instances of violent crime and the overall crime average.

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